Today we will discuss 6 things that you should not do after exercise at all. Which affects your recovery, affects muscle growth. These are the things due to which your body is not being formed, so leave these things from today because if you don’t stop them from today, instead of slowly becoming your body day by day. will begin to be destroyed.

Never consume alcohol post-workout.

After a workout, you need refuelling and re-hydration. And alcohol does the opposite of that. It increases dehydration in your body and also needs protein synthesis for muscle recovery. It also suppresses it. After strength training, your testosterone and growth hormones increase. However, alcohol suppresses it and increases cortisol levels. Because of this, natural recovery is not possible. Your body takes alcohol as a toxin. So, whenever you consume alcohol, the first function of your body is to remove it from your body.

So, if you consume alcohol after the workout, the mechanism of post-workout will stop. First, the body will flush out alcohol from the body. Because of this, you will not be able to get all the benefits of post-workout. As alcohol is injurious to health, you should not consume it. But still, many people will not agree. So, even if they want to consume a few drinks, they should keep a 4-hour gap after exercise. So that your body can recover and you can get the benefits of post-workout.

post-workout meal should not be skipped.

Many of you do not eat anything for a long time like them after the workout. Whereas, after a workout, your body needs fuel so that your muscles can recover. That’s why, after a workout, it is important to have a proper meal. After a workout, your body goes into repair mode. Due to the depletion of glycogen, your blood sugar level starts decreasing. To replenish it, you should eat a good carb source immediately after exercise. Like, potato, rice, banana, etc. Similarly, during exercise, your muscle tissues break down. To repair them, it is very important to eat a good protein source immediately after exercise.

By the way, whey protein is the best source to eat post-workout. But if you cannot drink it, you can eat chicken, fish, and egg. So, within 30-40 minutes of a workout, you should eat a good combination meal of carbs and protein. This will not only improve your recovery but also reduce muscle soreness. If you skip your post-workout meal, your future performance will also be affected. So, whether your goal is muscle building, weight loss, or general fitness. You should not skip your post-workout meal under any condition.

Avoid choosing the incorrect foods

Many people eat nothing after exercise. Like pizza, burgers, ice cream, biscuits, etc. After the workout, you need nutritious food. Good protein. Now, the junk food you have eaten has kind of empty calories. This means you don’t get enough nutrition. Because of this, your recovery is not possible. Along with this, you should not eat fatty food after exercise. Fat slows down your digestion and protein absorption.

Because of this, it takes time for nutrients to reach your muscles. Now, it is neceossary to feel hungry after a workout. So, I will suggest you carry protein and carbs with you when you come home. Consume it immediately after a workout. This will end your hunger and you will get nutritious food. This will improve your muscle recovery. And it will help you fulfill the purpose for which you are working.

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