Vitamin D Benifits on Our Body

Vitamin D Benifits on Our Body
Vitamin D Benifits on Our Body

Vitamin D is a very important nutrient that is present in our body. Its presence helps us perform many functions in our body. It also improves our immune system and strength. Immunity increases.

Thanks to vitamin D, our bones are strong. Thanks to vitamin D, it plays an important role in solving health problems in our bodies.

What are the benefits of Vitamin D for body? 

Vitamin D increases and strengthens the immune system in our Body, thanks to which our body destroys any micro-organism before it enters the body. And after these germs enter our body, our body kills them completely.

Thanks to it, our bones are strong. And thanks to the vitamins, our dental problems are also minimized. If there is tissue damage in our body due to an accident, Vitamin D info is also needed. It plays an important role in promoting.

Sources of Vitamin D

1. Cow Milk

2. Eggs

3. Mushroom

4. Fish

5. Cheese

6. Almond Milk

Eggs Benifits

Eggs are one of the best foods. Eggs benefit the brain and eyes and are useful for them. Vitamin D gives strength and energy, as eggs contain omega-3. It is found in fish more than 18 types of acids are found in eggs.

It is very important for the development of children. is due to the presence of vitamin E in eggs, blood clots are formed. No. The yolk of the egg benefits the eyes, brain, and memory. An egg is very useful and effective in improving memory.

Name Of Item 


Eggs 100 gram
Soduim 1/2 mg
Protein 12.8 gram
Nashta 7 mg
Calcuim 45 mg
Folad 7.2 mg
Phosphorus 20 mg
Energy 632 kl


Like milk, fish is also a very important food. Eating fish reduces the 50% chance of heart attack. Fish keeps the brain bright. They play an important role in improving and strengthening the human body. By eating fish, you are protected from many diseases,

especially you are protected. Fish also protects against heart diseases and the use of fish in old age Protects from the built-up grief. Many diseases can be avoided by using fish,

Milk drinking 

The milk included in our diet is the latter condition in which all the vitamins are present, especially vitamin D is present. This is the reason why milk acts as a complete. Calcium in the body strengthens bones. We play a role. Two days is the basic need of the human diet to strengthen the bones. And get rid of pimples completely.

The electric acid in milk plays an important role in keeping the skin clean and protected from the negative effects of dirt.

Lactic acid is found in large quantities in the mixture, giving the dark color of milk. It also has an effect on the teeth and the use of milk makes the teeth white and shiny,

and the bones are strong. becomes a part of the bones, which relieves pain in the joints, ribs, and bones, and causes the best of the body’s muscles. Milk contains all the essential nutrients that the human body needs. Milk also acts as a deodorizer and whenever water is present, bad breath is eliminated.


Using black cheese is very useful for people who want to lose weight, for example. Cheese contains beta-acid, which is useful for human health.

It converts fat into energy in the body and is used in obesity. helps for deficiency. Cheese also contains vitamins and minerals, which are very much needed by the human body.




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